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You keep me up with your silence

You take me down with your quiet Of all the weapons you fight with Your silence is the most violent – Tell Me How, Paramore  * * * * * * I used to think that people were so lucky to have friends to spend time with (because I hardly have any) but lately I’ve … Continue reading

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Marketing and Multiculturalism

I. It’s a predominantly American thing to want to manipulate reality instead of adapting to it (for examples: turning up the heat indoors instead of putting on more clothes, killing inconvenient wild animals instead of learning to avoid them, massacring natives instead of negotiating fair terms of land ownership). And since Filipino culture is mostly … Continue reading

Sociobiological Factors of Addiction (Or, Why You’ll Never Be Truly Happy) pt. 1
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Sociobiological Factors of Addiction (Or, Why You’ll Never Be Truly Happy) pt. 1

Modern society is built to facilitate addictions, because people who aren’t addicted to anything are hard to control. On the other hand, it’s extremely easy to control a person, or a group of people, who are addicted to something: simply offer them more of the thing they’re addicted to, or threaten to withhold that thing … Continue reading

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Filipinos Don’t Give a Shit About Each Other pt. 3

I. “Trinity, are you a communist?” Fuck no. Communist countries perform like shit. Citizens who escape from countries like that think that capitalism is the best thing ever.  The beliefs of communism center on the idea that inequality and suffering result from capitalism. Under capitalism, private business people and corporations own all the factories, equipment and … Continue reading