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Filipinos Don’t Give a Shit About Each Other pt. 2

Not a year goes by without some tale of ‘orrible murder on the news at the hands of taxicab drivers. Usually a murder-rape. I’m not sure how to crunch the numbers, but it’s pretty clear that a Filipino girl has a high chance of dying at the hands of a taxicab driver. Certainly much higher than anybody’s chances of dying from a pulmonary embolism on a long flight.


Besides murder-rapes, absolutely everybody has something bad to say about taxicabs. They won’t take you where you need to go. They do their best to rip you off. Etc. etc.


AND YET! There has been no huge backlash against the taxi industry. No effectual public outcry to regulate these cretins more tightly. No #PrayforTaxiCrimeVictims hashtag on Twitter, nobody pasting a fucking Philippine flag over their Facebook profile picture. Wonder why? Let’s see:


taxi 1


taxi 4


taxi 2


taxi 3

See the problem? Of course you don’t, no one taught you how to see these things.

Here it is: all the victims are poor. 

Call center agent. A man and his son who live in Project 4. A young student. Look at their last names: Arradza, Abelido, Sual. Google these things, tell me if you’ll ever find an Ayala, an Arnaiz, a Mapa, an Abalos (I’m just listing the people I went to school with).

These people are poor, of course nobody gives a shit. If a Sy girl got hurt by a taxi driver, those things would be outlawed in the entire country the next day.

“But Sy’s don’t ride taxis…” Exactly.

“You’re saying rich people should ride taxis?” Not unless they want to get raped and murdered, or kidnapped for ransom. I’m saying that it’s rich people’s job to take care of poor people. In any society, the people who have the means should take care of the people who don’t. 

“She posted her experience on social media to warn the public.” How adorable.  There are still taxis. People still ride them. The drivers will keep raping and killing. The girls will keep dying.

They can’t do anything about it, but rich people can. The government can. But they won’t. Why would they? It’s not their daughters who are getting killed.

That’s how it is here in the Philippines. No one takes care of anyone unless there’s an incentive or a threat. No one’s responsible for anyone. Everyone is SO FUCKING SELFISH.


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