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Adventures With Periorbital Cellulitis Pt. 2: Relentless Burning the Invader To Death (Prime Suspect: Staphyloccocus aureus)

e pt. 1 here alternative title: Why I’ve Been Such a Huge Goddamn Bitch Lately alternative title 2: Why Many Doctors Are Full of Shit Exhibit A, two days ago immediately after release from the ER:  Exhibit B, just a few minutes ago, immediately after application of a compress full of scalding hot water:  Exhibit … Continue reading

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Marketing and Multiculturalism

I. It’s a predominantly American thing to want to manipulate reality instead of adapting to it (for examples: turning up the heat indoors instead of putting on more clothes, killing inconvenient wild animals instead of learning to avoid them, massacring natives instead of negotiating fair terms of land ownership). And since Filipino culture is mostly … Continue reading

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Victim Blaming vs. Victim Responsibility pt. 1

  Buried this for a long time because I am having a lot of trouble polishing this concept but I’ve seen a recent resurgence in anti-slut-shaming whatevers online and I’m going to rush this series to help sort out this issue, before lots of girls decide to join y’alls in your hallucinatory world where real … Continue reading