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You keep me up with your silence

You take me down with your quiet Of all the weapons you fight with Your silence is the most violent – Tell Me How, Paramore  * * * * * * I used to think that people were so lucky to have friends to spend time with (because I hardly have any) but lately I’ve … Continue reading

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Porn ban, unemployment, lithium, bpd, fsdaf;kljd

1. Some porn sites have been shut down since January 14 here in the Philippines. One is a personal favorite of mine. It’s to address to issue of child pornography, which is obviously extremely important, but since it is “yet to be known if the adult websites have violated any provision of the anti-child pornography law”, … Continue reading

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Adventures With Periorbital Cellulitis Pt. 2: Relentless Burning the Invader To Death (Prime Suspect: Staphyloccocus aureus)

e pt. 1 here alternative title: Why I’ve Been Such a Huge Goddamn Bitch Lately alternative title 2: Why Many Doctors Are Full of Shit Exhibit A, two days ago immediately after release from the ER:  Exhibit B, just a few minutes ago, immediately after application of a compress full of scalding hot water:  Exhibit … Continue reading