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When the hand that feeds you also beats you



His schoolmates could tell just by looking at his face that his mother was a prostitute and his father had abandoned him. Emmanuel Drewery, a tall and thin young man, has skin a pinch lighter than his neighbors. He was born twenty-six years ago in Olongapo, a city in northwestern Philippines.

His mother had a beautiful voice, and was fifteen years old when she sang as a sidekick to strip acts. But music was not what soldiers were looking for. “Customers didn’t want only a music band, there had to be nude shows or they got bored,” he says. Drewery’s mother couldn’t make a living from singing, so she became a prostitute. 

According to the People’s Recovery Empowerment Development Assistance (PREDA), a local NGO, by the end of the 1980s there were some 500 brothels and 15,000 prostitutes in Olongapo to meet the high demand of the naval base. Clark Air Base, some thirty miles east of Olongapo, was even bigger, covering 230 square miles near the city of Angeles. Olongapo and Angeles were known by American soldiers as the “twin sin cities” of the Philippines: Sodom and Gomorrah in Southeast Asia.

– Javier Sauras and Felix Lill

Do you understand that? Listening to a teenager sing wasn’t entertaining enough, they had to fuck her to get their money’s worth.


I used photos of Vietnamese Amerasians because nobody even gives enough of a shit about Filipino Amerasians to take compelling photographs of them.


85% of women who leave an abusive relationship return. A significant proportion of women who return to the relationship attribute their inability to deal with their finances as a major contributing factor, which is often enhanced by the fact that the abuser often has all of the economic and social standing and complete control over the family finances.

These women’s options are further limited by the fact that many who leave often face additional barriers including having at least one dependent child, not being employed outside of the home, possessing no property that is solely theirs, and lacking access to bank accounts. It is very likely that many of these women would experience a decline in living standards and security of life for themselves and their children if they were to leave their partner.

As a result of all of these combined factors, many survivors of domestic violence who summon the courage to leave the abusive relationship eventually return. 



Anti-globalisation protesters were calling for APEC to be dismantled, accusing the trade bloc of taking advantage of poorer countries.

A protest leader, Renato Reyes, told the Associated Press news agency: “Apec and imperialist globalisation have only benefited the rich countries while further impoverishing developing countries like the Philippines.”

Tens of thousands of soldiers and policemen are already in place in the sprawling city to guard against disruptions and potential terrorist attacks. Hundreds of police with batons, truncheons and shields are blocking the protesters from getting near the venue.

Trucks with water cannons are poised to disperse the crowds. Police are currently holding their ground against protesters.

They are also playing loud dance music to drown out the unified voices of the protesters. – BBC News

Many protesters from the second anti-APEC group were left injured after they clashed with the police. 

P/Supt. Wilben Mayor insisted that the PNP is implementing the highest degree of tolerance to allow them to express their opinions. “Better to be overprepared than caught flat footed and unprepared,” he said.

To address the injuries sustained by the protesters, he said that firing water cannons is less lethal and has minimal pressure. “It can even cool them. Palamig po muna tayo,” he added. – CNN Philippines

I hope I don’t have to tell you how irresponsible and insultingly flippant this guy is about hurting the people he’s supposed to protect.

A long time ago, [redacted] wrote a paper on non-injurious methods of crowd dispersion. I thought it was boring then. I wish I read it now. Wilben Mayor sure didn’t. Piece of shit.


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