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Snapshots from lives I could have lived

This site is dead now. I find it rather appropriate that it died around the same time that part of my life ended – the part I lived in these places and had the same musings about random pretty girls on the train or stumbling along the avenue with their friends on Friday nights.

* * * *

Loneliness (L. Barcia)

It’s not like you imagine yourself / in the arms of every stranger you pass on the street – Just the ones that smile at you

* * * *

Missed Connections Manila 

Pink shirt, office attire, shoulder-length hair, tired eyes – w4w – LRT

You boarded at Araneta station, and I only noticed you because you were looking straight at me. Can I just say I’m sorry? I know it’s rude to stare but I couldn’t help it. You were facing me directly and you were looking at me (straight at me, okay, it was pretty unnerving) and half the time you had your mouth open in this sardonic “oh, you sweet summer child” smile. Was it so obvious that it was my first time to ride the train at night? Whenever I made a joke with my friend you would smile too, as if you heard it, as if you understood the inside jokes half the time. Did I amuse you? Your eyes were so tired, but it seemed as if you knew exactly what was going through my mind. I was glad when we both got off at Katipunan and I didn’t see you in the crush of people (also because we wandered like lost sheep for a while). You unnerve me, woman, and I would like to talk to you. Just to see what you would say.


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