Well, this was a surprise 



Submittted to Professor G.

Skill for quality improvement: teaching

I chose to improve the quality of my skill in teaching because this is something I’ve enjoyed doing in the past. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others and watching them grow as individuals. 

On my first day in French class, the director of the center stopped by our classroom to introduce himself and welcome us. He said: “One of the most wonderful qualities a person can have is the willingness to learn, and you have all brought that here today.” 

Sadly, I never saw this in my students. 

Thus, applying principles of quality were impossible when the subjects were completely unwilling. I was not able to persuade them to meet up even once for an actual session of French, except once to rehearse our song. They would consistently feign interest and then cancel at the last minute. 

I had to fake our progress by spoon-feeding their answers in class and writing phrases for them in English phonetics. Even so, it was extremely difficult to get them to participate in the deception.

In a way, I suppose the experience was a parallel to the way that companies misuse ISO standards. Or something like that. I can’t think of how to relate it to quality. Sorry sir 😦

I helped one of my friends write her paper. It was pretty good. I didnt write my own because I don’t so much like to write about unpleasant experiences amymore. 

* * * * 

I refrained from writing my final paper until the last day of grading, when my professor called me out for it on FB (weeks after its due date). I typed this garbage out on my phone and sent it while munching on fried chicken with my girlfriend at the mall. 

Tonight, he notified me (also via FB) that my final grade was a 4.0 – the first I’ve gotten in my entire academic career (I came pretty close in one of my law classes, except I got sick on the final exam and had to settle for a 3.5).

So, yeah. That happened. 

And this is happening. 

It was a good day, is what I’m saying. 


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