Things I’ve Done Lately 

1. Won 5,000 in a body shot competition with my girlfriend on girls’ night at a gay bar

2. Had French tutoring lessons with someone who turned out to also be bipolar, and told me all about her crazy hijinks 

3. Fought really badly with my girlfriend over feeling neglected and almost broke up 

4. Made my own final project behind the backs of my groupmates in a class 

5. Worked 

6. Worked 

7. Worked 

8. Met a famous sexy dancer randomly in Starbucks 

9. Bought contact lens solution in Mercury Drug. While I was doing that, the girl next to me at the pharmacy counter presented a prescription for Serenata and Abilify. I was amazed at how well put together she looked, considering the condition that those drugs are prescribed for. My mom said that she was probably buying them for someone else. 

10. Cleaned a lot 

11. Saw the girl who bought my wakeboard in a photo, standing on a winner’s pedestal after an amateur competition, holding my wakeboard. When I met her, I was better than she was at wakeboarding. 

12. More things that I can’t recall right now 


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