About My Girlfriend pt. 2 

There isn’t anything very profound to say. Only that we live in a closet on the wrong side of town, and there’s nowhere else I’d rather be. That the most mundane of our routines now seem so touching to me – sorting clean laundry, washing up after dinner, grocery shopping – the quotidien, now imbued with an unexpected sweetness. 

To wake up in the mornings next to her, to have those few precious moments to be still, and revel in her presence – sometimes this is all I need to weather the worst of days. 

My love – 

For waiting so patiently 

For driving miles and miles to see me at every spare moment

For lying beside me on a hospital bed and watching me for days with my greasy hair (unable to shower because of my IV) and my mouth black from activated charcoal 

For making sure I never miss a dosage 

For (trying to) make me work out

For being my planner, host and only guest at my birthday party in that hotel on the beach 

 For holding my hand everywhere we go, and letting the world know that I belong to you – 

For all these and countless loving gestures from you, my heart is yours for as long as you’ll have it. You are worth every step of the long journey into your arms. 


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