Anger / Diary / Quick Notes / Some Advice

Things I Did To Avoid Completely Losing My S*** While Locked Underground and Physically and Mentally Abused For Three Weeks

  1. Sang “Someone’s Waiting For You” to myself
  2. Took showers as often as possible
  3. Kept a picture of my cat on my bedside trolley-table (drawn by my roommate)
  4. Wrote many letters threatening to sue all my doctors
  5. Tried as hard as possible to draw realistic colored pictures from a magazine (left by the same roommate who drew my cat)
  6. Played Plants vs. Zombies on the computer (the only game on it)
  7. Wrote on the computer
  8. Ate sweets
  9. Masturbated often
  10. Replayed Jenna Marbles videos in my head
  11. Read novels
  12. Thought about Gulf War POW’s and about how lucky I was to not get beaten up every day
  13. Ran on a treadmill
  14. Crossed off days on a calendar

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