Why Everything Is All Your Fault (reblog)

You picked your life. You may not think you picked it, you may think you were forced into it and inescapably tied to it – but every moment is a choice, right up to and including blowing your brains out.

Saying, “I had no choice,” is itself a choice. Your choices may be stupid, but they’re still choices. And as all choices in life are ultimately binary, you really have no one else to blame for them but yourself. 

– Shame, TLP

I thought you were a good man, Dennis. But Maya was right about you. You are no good. Always running away… never running in the right direction. ‘But, but, but’! Always excuses with you! Always some reason why it’s not your fault! I have news for you, Dennis Doyle: it’s all your fault.” 

– Mr. Goshtashtidar, Run, Fat Boy, Run

You are made to do things for other people. Everybody for the last five thousand years seemed to realize ithis and then we suddenly forgot it for the last few decades. We get suicidal teens and scramble to teach them self-esteem. Well, unfortunately, self-esteem and the ability to like yourself only come after you’ve done something that makes you likable. You can’t bullshit yourself. 

You want to break out of that black tar pit of self-hatred? Do something simple, with a tangible result. 

Think about all those kids in their dark rooms, glued to their computers, turning every life problem into ridiculous melodrama. Why do they make those cuts on their arms? Because creating the pain – and the subsequent healing – tangible, releases a feeling they don’t get otherwise. It’s pain, but at least it’s real. 

There is a physical satisfaction that you can only get by turning off your phone or computer,, going outdoors and reconnecting with the real world. That feeling, that “I built that,” or “I grew that” or “I fed that guy” feeling, can’t be matched by anything the internet has to offer. 

– David Wong, 7 Reasons Why the 21st Century Is Making You Miserable



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