How It Felt Today


This day, I decided to go to the mall to buy some supplies for an art project. There is an installation in the park that wasn’t there before. It consists of large wooden chess pieces scattered on a rubber or perhaps vinyl board.

It was nearing the end of the afternoon and the light was in my eyes. I had not felt sunlight on my skin for three weeks.

I was eating a coffee ice cream. A slight wind was blowing. People were scattered on the benches, some with their families. some of them alone and bent over their phones waiting for someone to come.

I was alone, but I was not waiting for anyone. I was by myself. I was with myself. Myself and I were together in the park.

I was looking at the chess pieces. I was touching the chess pieces. in a while I rearranged them into a rough approximation of their proper places on the board, waiting for a game to begin. I propped my phone up on the castle piece, on the ridges, and took a photo of myself wandering among the pieces.

I ate the sweet coffee ice cream (with not a touch of acid or bitterness) and walked around the park. I breathed in the air.

I decided that at that moment there couldn’t possibly be any human luckier than I was, to be walking in the sun and feeling the warmth on my skin, my body moving and my lungs breathing in and our and the sweetness on my tongue.

No one.. no one was ever as lucky. That’s what I thought. That’s how it felt today.


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