Nobody Is Ever Interested In Telling You the Truth Pt. 1: My Cavinti Adventure


A quick Google search reveals many breathless and excited accounts of trips to the new-ish Pueblo El Salvador ecopark in Cavinti, Laguna.



A quick skim of the results, now, will:

a) make you wonder how some of these people have successful blogs (“And the 2nd impact…..OMFGGGGGGG it was like a Yolanda Typhoon that smashes in our face.“)

b) make you think that this is a fun challenge ( “Since 2007, the municipal government of Cavinti established the Pueblo El Salvador Nature’s Park and Picnic Grove, originally known as Cavinti Eco-Park, in Brgy. Tibatib to offer a much cheaper route by treking, hiking and rappeling to Cavinti Falls for a minimal fee of 270 php/person as opposed to the popular shooting the rapids means.“)

c) give you no serious hint of the danger you will face (“Uh ohh, there’s a waiver, it looks like the this physical activity will go beyond our limits hahahaha.”)



I went with a group of about 15, and an extremely incompetent tour guide. I patiently listened to him drone on for a while about dates and names. Then I jokingly said that the rails along the trek and the cages for rappelling were so narrow that there should be a 40-inch waist limit to go on the trek.

okay class






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