Dating / sex

Reasons Why I Like Being a Lesbian

  1. Most of the hard work of fighting for social acceptance already accomplished
  2. Malena Morgan’s videos
  3. Statistically speaking, am more likely to excel in traditionally masculine fields like hard sciences and business than straight women
  4. Am freer of social expectations (I don’t give a shit what people think of me)
  5. Less time spent on my looks means more time developing my skills
  6. Much lower risk of STDs than straight people and gay men
  7. I don’t suck at driving
  8. I can easily dodge the advances of slimy dudes
  9. I avoid most typical self-defeating behaviors of straight women like reducing oneself in a show of support for others, endless gossiping, catfighting over guys (though since most of my friends have been guys, there has been the errant jealous girlfriend or two).
  10. No fear, ever, of being date-raped
  11. Nothing to choke on when I’m giving head
  12. Fingers are much more precise than d***s. Plus can add or remove for size adjustment
  13. I have long fingers (only strong on one hand though)
  14. Lesbians who aren’t insane can love better than any guy

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