Why Aurora and Maleficent Are Clearly Madly In Love

The pretext in Maleficent is that the relationship between Aurora and Maleficent is maternal. Here are the reasons why they’re obviously in love and having passionate sex all the time:

1. M. avoided A., for the most part, while she was younger. Instead she watched her from afar. Waiting for her to be old enough to give consent, because M. puts the sensual in consensual. *mad winks*

2. I know exactly what it looks like when a very young girl is in love with a much older woman, and it looks like that. There is nothing equal about the relationship. The older woman provides (she has the means) and the young girl obeys (she has the energy and time). There is also no conflict at all in the beginning, because the roles are too well-defined. There is always conflict in a mother-daughter relationship, at every single stage, especially when the mother has a strong personality. In a romantic relationship, the older woman having a strong personality precludes conflict; because, again, the roles are set – both the woman and the girl know exactly what the other expects from them.

You can see this in how almost all interaction between them takes place on only M.’s terms – A. never breaches M.’s wall of thorns on her own, despite years of curiosity; she only gets through when M. takes her through it. M. knocked her out when she got too demonstrative. M. doesn’t request, she commands: “Aurora. Come here.” And A. loves it.

(Note that this only works perfectly in the beginning – as the girl grows up and her personality becomes stronger, the relationship dynamic will shift towards equality. Not many couples can handle this fundamental shift.)

3. There is nothing maternal about the look M. gives Aurora after she gets her wings back / orgasms / regains her full power. Angelina Jolie is a skilled actress; she doesn’t make any expressions by accident. She looks at Aurora this way on purpose. (Never mind Elle Fanning, she’s annoying.)


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