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but this needs to be said

“The clearest way to tell someone that you don’t want to talk to them is to not talk to them”  – tattooed on my brain

* * * *

experiencing a rather nauseating deja vu right now.

The only people I need protection from is people who are going to promise to look after me, take my time and my love and give me shit in return.

I’ve been catcalled, accosted by random guys, sexually abused – before I was 12.

Before I had even understood sex, let alone developed a sexuality.

I’ve been groped in cars by friends I trusted. I’ve been verbally abused online and through text – before I was 18.

Before I ever had sex. Before I ever took a single provocative photo. Before I ever even owned any remotely sexy clothes.

Innocence is the ultimate provocateur to predators – do you see? Since I began owning my sexuality, no one has dared touch me without my permission. No one has verbally harassed me either – that last one I’m not sure why, since a lot of people feel freer to say horrible things online, but I’m not gonna complain.


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