Reasons To Leave the Philippines In the Near Future

I’ve compiled this list before but I think I lost it. Anyways.

  1. As car prices rapidly drop, road systems and public transportation develop at, well, EDSA-rush-hour pace.* result: traffic beyond your worst nightmares
  2. We are chillin’ on top of a massive fault line due to open up literally any minute now and swallow everyone alive.
  3. Whenever anybody tries to send help, somebody happily seizes it and keeps it or sells it for profit (billions in foreign aid after Yolanda vanished into thin air, and I bet you didn’t know that most of the stuff in thrift shops here were donations meant to be given out to poor folks for free, not sold. For God’s sake, they even steal strangers’ used filthy clothes!
  4. Nobody fucking listens to me
  5. Too much inertia
  6. I am almost thoroughly Westernized in personality – my tendencies, my most precious dreams, my banal preferences, my language, my heuristics, even my neuroses, my sociability – all courtesy of Western thought
  7. Very hard to find people who have both power and compassion

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