from December

found some notes from when I was in the province and couldn’t post.


Recently I read about how smartphones may be ruining our lives, specifically about how they’re cooking our eyeballs and fucking up our babies. I’ve been trying to do 2 things since then:

1. Stop gadget use at least 2 hours before bed

2. Keep my phone on airplane mode unless I’m checking for messages or expecting a call

Since I hardly talk to anyone, that second one is doable for me but probably not for anyone else. Still, I would highly recommend it.

1. It cuts your exposure to radiation drastically

2. It improves your focus on tasks that are in front of you

3. You are more in control of your time and of who has access to you



the little boy I still think about often


I’ve begun to declare a personal war on all content that is non-actionable. Especially if it has anything to do with social issues. Being constantly exposed to horrible news and being unable to do anything about desensitizes people and makes them less likely to respond to actionable calls for help. (citation needed)




this house is full of old magazines, specifically Reader’s Digests. The difference in quality between then and what it is now is staggering. I keep running across stories and essays that I want to paper-mache all over my heart if I could. There are heartfelt reminiscences about family homes, trips to the woods, childhood hideouts, midnight sleigh rides. There are simple portraits of lives. People who write about their children, their parents, their spouses, even their pets. It’s a record of a vanished world. I’ve never seen anybody write or talk about their loved ones like that in my lifetime (in person, or movies or books or whatever). The portraits are so complete and loving. Like their flaws are clearly visible, not glossed over. People these days seem to either despise flaws or pretend they aren’t there.


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