Things J. has taught me

The things I’ve learned from one of my high school friends have played a major role in my self-improvement. I’ll list some of them off the top of my head:

1. Posture

On a beach trip, J. was telling me about how she and her classmates were learning about posture via stripping in front of each other and examining each other, which sounded like fun. I was already wearing a swimsuit so I asked her to check mine. She said my main problem was having forward head posture, which is an increasingly common issue as people spend more and more time looking down at their gadgets. From there it was a simple matter of googling exercises to correct it and being aware of slipping into it in my daily life.

2. Quitting soda

We were at our friend’s for dinner. While he was cooking, J. and I went to the store to buy drinks. I chose my then-favourite Coke Light and we started talking about how unhealthy soda was. I asked her, if she was forced to either smoke one cigarette or drink one soda a day for the rest of her life, which would she rather do? She said she’d rather smoke. J. doesn’t smoke at all. I’d known for a while how bad soda was, but that put things in perspective for me. Since then I have maybe 1 soda a month, and only at times when there’s absolutely nothing else to drink.

3. Making decisions

This one was actually from her grandmother. I wanted to know if I should break up with my then-gf. I was afraid of having regrets. Her grandmother basically said that a person can’t be sure of every decision;  only after the decision, they should commit wholeheartedly to making it work instead of thinking of the what-ifs. (Obviously there are exceptions, such as when you realize that your girlfriend actually has a penis or something of that kind, but in general I think this is true and useful advice.)

4. Don’t waste time

This was a subpoint in the conversation with her grandma but I think it’s so important that it gets its own bullet point.


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