how about both


wasted my breath for a while trying to tell folks how unhealthy most bras are, how they’re designed primarily not to support women’s bodies but to warp women’s bodies to cater to the male gaze*.

I tried approaching the issue from a health perspective, I tried aesthetic, I tried to turn it into a feminist issue.

it didn’t seem to matter to anyone, so I just stopped wearing bras myself. I realized I didn’t need anyone’s permission to do things I want to do, or to wait for others to do it first. I don’t need society to change before I enact changes in my own life.

another example: gender pronouns. “he / him” is the default when the gender of the subject isn’t specified, which obviously isn’t very nice to the “shes” and “hers” of the world who also exist and are also people. I found “they” and “he or she” too unwieldy, so now I just use “she” as my default. Instead of complaining, perhaps other concerned writers could just do that until “he” and “she” are both used randomly. Seems fair.

* bra cups squeeze boobs together to create the cleavagey contour that many teenage boys think boobs naturally have. In reality they look like they’re mad at each other** and are purposefully facing away from each other

**colourful description courtesy of The Cracked Podcast, in an episode about sex


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