for goodness’ sake

my personal defintion of an act of goodness: the recognition and fulfillment of the need of another

  • according to this definition, goodness is objective and quantifiable
  • has nothing to do with the motivation of the actor or the effort involved
  •  goodness is a fact, not a value judgment



Ambulance driver and random driver vying to squeeze through a small space in traffic 

ambulance driver: hello, please get out of the way.

random driver: You don’t understand, I’m also on my way to save lives.

A: Even so, you should get out of my way.

RD: But I’m deeply motivated. I have a calling to help others. You’re just driving that ambulance because it’s your job and you’re getting paid for it. You think you’re better than me? (value judgement)

A: I’m carrying two paramedics and one surgeon, plus several million pesos’ worth of medical supplies and equipment. All you have in your trunk are empty beer bottles and a first aid kit. I can save lives, and you can’t. (fact)


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