Why Do People Do This To Themselves No. 1

Here at school to pay tuition. The accounting office opened about half an hour ago, and the line already has 100+ people in it.


The line snakes down the halls and winds up the stairs. A guy was giving out numbers. I took a number.

I was at the end of the line, which would have put me in a staircase. (I couldn’t photograph it because the space is too closed to take a photograph without capturing people’s faces.) It’s hot and dank, and people are bent over in misery.

I didn’t want to sit there, so I’m sitting here.


The WiFi is incredible. And after I post this I’ll go get a sandwich. Then I’ll come back in time to get my number called.

People have numbers… no rule says you can’t leave the line and do something else, so why are they suffering in the heat and wasting time? I suspect that people will think I’m an asshole when I bounce up to the front of the line out of nowhere when my number is called (instead of waiting in the line and inching along every time it moves), but I won’t be breaking any rules.

maybe they’re just afraid that people will think they’re assholes. And so what? They’d glare and stomp and maybe talk about the person “cutting” and not suffering alongside them but it’d be their fault for not thinking of it. For not realizing that they’ve got numbers, the numbers are right in their hands, they’re assured a place in line whether they’re physically there or not.


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