Why Do People Do This To Themselves No. 1 (pt.3)

I want to submit pieces for publication, but my girlfriend says that I have to have a point. I can’t just describe things as I see them… even though I see things no one else seems to see. (Cruel standards of the publishing world.)

Anyway, this is the best I can do for a point:

I described a problem, and you want to know what my solution is…

You want the solution to be something like, “Cut in lines!” or “Never eat at Jollibee!” or “Boycott Nine West!” Maybe you want me to talk about the declining responsibility of youth, or the social expectations on women to wear heels. You want me to make this about some issue, some -ism, to slip into language you’re comfortable with, so you can nod agreeably or battle me on familiar ground.

Well, you shouldn’t cut in line. If there weren’t any numbers, Mrs. B can’t leave and slip back in or someone might strangle her. I love me some Chickenjoy every once in a while. My favorite heels are Nine West. (My junior prom shoes, marked down from P6000 to P2000, not that that’s relevant.) 

The correct choices depend on the particular situation of the individual.

The individual cannot be told exactly what to do – she has to weigh all the variables in her mind. She has to take in the circumstances – (I have a number, I’m hungry, there’s a Kenny’s next door, etc.) and formulate a good decision. Like a computer that takes in the givens of a mathematical problem and prints out the solution.

We’re becoming poorer and poorer computers. The information is fed in, but the incorrect solution is spat out (Mrs. B often ends up eating crap and she’ll be diabetic in 2 years).

The point is to just pay attention and use your brain, I guess. Well, that’s what I have for now.


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