baby ideas

these are thoughts that are not full grown yet, only babies.

1. Emotional energy is a powerful charge that can be dissipated through saying stuff, with good and bad applications. Examples:

a. feeling very angry towards one’s enemy, instead of beating him to a bloody pulp one composes a really mean rap song.
b. experiencing deep sadness and regret over a failed relationship, instead of drunk-calling one’s ex, one goes to karaoke night and sings Adele songs.
c. incensed by various social issues on the news, one posts passionate diatribes on social media and then does nothing else. If one were somehow denied that channel for their emotional energy, it may have propelled them to go to a volunteer center, or dig deeper into the causes and solutions, or donate money, or any other thing that would have provided concrete help.

b. The form in which content is presented is as important as the content itself.

Before the internet age, creation of content used to be the problem. The training and equipment to produce content (instruments and recording equipment for music, cameras and transportation for news crews, getting a publisher for books, editing equipment for movies, etc.) used to be scarce and expensive.

Now absolutely anybody can write and publish on the web, make music and videos and post them, and there are millions of different sources of news, from sketchy websites to Facebook posts to vague YouTube videos – no longer is it the monopoly of big news publications.

So creation isn’t the problem anymore, but getting people to consume the right content. Access to correct information is more available than ever, good music and movies and ideas are everywhere, yet people are only more misguided to consume trash that wastes their time and adds nothing to their knowledge. (Popular Filipino radio channels especially seem like they could only possibly be enjoyed by people who have thoroughly ceased the quest for personal improvement.)

I’d liken the creation of content to the process of cooking a dish to sell. Most foods that are full of healthy fiber and vitamins and minerals also taste terrible, and nobody wants to eat them. (When medical science found out that liver could cure anemia, there were some people who preferred remaining in a debilitated state to eating liver.) This would be like the important content that goes unread and unshared (it’s not fun to consume, it’s dry and hard to digest). The solution would be to present the content in a way that is palatable. Perhaps there could be drawings and a deliberate, forceful absence of big words. Like, instead of a 50-page paper called “Theory and Praxis of Countercultural Attitudes” that nobody except a panel of pompous, self-satisfied senior faculty professors is ever going to read, you write “Reasons That the 21st Century Is Making You Miserable”, which hundreds of  thousands of people will read and share with their friends.

Or, instead of “Have you had love for me / have you only had love for the wide sky / have you kissed the lips of the one you liked / so hard you couldn’t stay alive?” you sing, “Eh oh eh oh eh oh / all we need is somebody to lean on lean on lean on.”

Or, when introducing the masses to poetry, you use Lang Leav instead of Allen Ginsberg. (I can’t believe im saying this).

Because, no matter how good the content is, how important the ideas are, it will do no good to anyone if it isn’t touched.

The creator is like a chef who could destroy all the goodness of the ingredients in the process of making the dish appealing to popular taste – turn it into tasty, colourful junk. Or they could be so skilled as to blend the elements in a way that preserves everything that is important while making people eager to consume it.


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