note that in my previous entry, I suggested handling the topic of porn with just “a little less snickering”. That’s because I don’t mind some snickering. I think sex has an inherent aspect of silliness to it. It’s not called “fooling around” for nothing. Sex becomes a lot more satisfying, at any stage in a relationship, when partners have fun with it and are not silently smoldering at each other with bedroom eyes all the time, or shrieking dirty talk or whatever (I mean, I see how that’s gratifying too, but not like, ALL the time, especially when you’re having sex very often).

I mean, here you are, two (or more?) humans smooshing together and smearing fluids everywhere, and it’s objectively dumb, but it feels lovely and you’re both enjoying each other so much – there’s a lot of room for laughter there, I guess, during some moments.

That’s an aspect of sex that I find so conspicuously missing from porn. That’s why I like Malena Morgan and Elle Alexandra’s videos so much. In between all the hard and fast f____ (I don’t know why I did that since I’ve said “porn” like a dozen times already, it just feels right) there’s a lot of time for playing and cuddling and pretend (ex. swordfights with cucumbers, naked races, play-acting, etc).

There is niche porn (especially made for the crowd that labels itself “queer” and “body-positive”) where they might have that kind of thing, but I wouldn’t know because I’m not attracted much to the actors they use, and most people don’t seem to be, hence that type of porn not seeming to make it into the mainstream despite having been around for quite a while now (In internet-years, a year is like a decade in terms of how fast things move along – the technology, the platforms used, the culture, etc).

This would be a horribly unacceptable thing to say in today’s TRIGGER ALERTS! internet culture – but I don’t mind that fit, beautiful people still dominate the media, because they portray an ideal. I don’t begrudge their place in society any more than I begrudge higher positions and awards to people whom I know are smarter and more capable than me. Beautiful people have been idealized and praised throughout all of human civilization, yet this is the first generation that takes it as a personal insult that their specific type of beauty is not idealized as much as others. It’s just another symptom of narcissism: Why do you find this type attractive when it isn’t what I look like? Show me more people who look just like me, or my friends, or the other people I find attractive and you don’t. Everybody else in human history seems to have been capable of appreciating beauty without having a personal reaction to it. 

So, anyway, that’s why my favorite porn star is fit, tall, and beautiful.

Oh, and she can do this.


from her Twitter


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