i fear abandonment, you fear permanence

i want closeness, you like your space

you know yourself, i hardly know myself at all 

you want me to try, i want you to promise

you want my reasons, i want your emotion

you want an explanation, i want to hear how you feel about me

you want to know how we can compromise, i wish you could feel as selfishly about wanting me as i do about you

you assume the worst of my motives, i assume the best of yours

i have begun speaking, and you hardly say anything at all

you keep a level head and ive been losing my mind over this since that night

i can’t lose you with the wrong words

i wonder if i could ever make you understand

i wonder if you’ll ever feel this way

i wonder if you would ever find yourself unable to erase me

when you are still written all over me and i still keep writing you


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