Consider Anything

  1. what is so compelling about a pretty girl in the rain? (the specific set of circumstances that move individuals to action – applications in charity work)
  2. how is a punk kid like a basic bitch? (both cynicsm and denial are mechanisms to resist change and escape responsibility)
  3. if it doesn’t help anyone sell anything, it’s not information worth spreading (on bras and osteoarthritis)
  4. show the results, but hide the process (comparing conventional beauty to education as a means of attaining life goals)
  5. how is a gym like a sex dungeon? (comparing the relationship with one’s own body to a relationship with another person)
  6. condoms will save the nation (why poverty alleviation begins with contraception; words on population control, pointing out the birth rates of the most developed nations, maybe some cruel words about OFWS)
  7. why i will probably not be getting a job anytime soon (how the advent of communications technology has rendered the conventional office workspace as wasteful and outmoded, human potential woefully untapped, how people doing what they love can be to the benefit of society)
  8. how is a comment section like an album of love songs? (hypothesis on how emotional energy that could be used to generate action is instead expended /dissipated  through words)

today i parked inside a multilevel parking lot for the first time

i lost hours in the hardware store, especially in the aisle with all the liquid cleaners and room deodorizers and insect repellants, things like that. i finally bought a dish rack and pedal wastebasket and i again have no more money but i am very pleased with my smart purchasing decisions.

10. why money saving books would save you more money by not buying them (people who can be helped by books about money are the ones who already make enough to live on and are just losing money by buying stupid things; people who truly need money are incapable of spending less because everything they spend on are desperately necessary things like healthcare and rent and food – only way to get out of the rut is with a donation of money or services or food or whatever it is they need – government welfare or private charity, doesn’t matter which, NOT a loan though)

i will try to love someone else

i want to be happy and do good things

i want to be unafraid to say cruel things to tell the complete truth

i wish i had an editor


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