Walking in the park one night, the Skeleton spotted a Cat, sitting serenely on a bench. It was sleek and white, with black markings around its ears. It looked at the Skeleton with wide, bright eyes. The Skeleton sat down on the bench next to it. The Cat drew near and placed one white paw delicately on the Skeleton’s femur. The Skeleton picked it up gingerly and held it to its ribcage. The Skeleton thought that its hard bones might be hurting the Cat’s soft body, and put it down. Again, the Cat placed its paw on the Skeleton. It uttered a tiny, pleading meow. “I’m sorry, I don’t have any food…” The Cat stared at the Skeleton with unblinking eyes. The Skeleton rubbed the Cat’s chin gently with the sharp tips of its finger bones. They sat together all night and said nothing. When the sun came up they left the park bench, going in opposite directions.


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