Many Worlds

The theory of quantum mechanics describes a tiny realm completely foreign to the one we observe normally… matter exists simultaneously [in two states], a particle’s position and momentum cannot be precisely known, and the state of two objects can be intertwined, regardless of the physical distance between them…

The “many-worlds interpretation” postulates that everything that can happen does happen, and that each possible outcome branches the universe into another… 

– Alan Bellows

If the many-worlds interpretation is true, there must be an infinite number of versions of you, [in separate universes], experiencing alternate life-paths…

– George Dvorsky


Why do so many things that sound terribly romantic also end up being completely useless? Flowers and diamonds, two of the most conventionally romantic gestures, are useless objects and mostly obtained through awful means – living things cut from their stems, shiny rocks with bloody pasts.

My words are pretty but as useless as any romantic gesture meant to be an end in itself and not a promise of something more real.


“I know now it doesn’t matter how well I say grace, if I am sitting at a table where I am offering no bread to eat.”

– Andrea Gibson


There is a world where you found me first. There is a world where nothing broke me beyond softness.

There are many worlds but tonight I am only thinking of the one where we –

I wish I could be with you –

I had so many pretty images but now just this cursor blinking –

like hazard lights on a car idling beside the road, standing still, not even waiting, just there.

I don’t know how to say that I don’t have what you want.

There is a world –


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