If you’re still wondering why

  1. Because you cared too much what people think
  2. Because you rarely ever did anything without knowing first what would be in it for you
  3. Because you were motivated primarily by fear and rage
  4. Because you so rarely looked outside yourself
  5. Because you grew up not speaking my language, which was not your fault, but you did not even want to learn
  6. Because you made promises without knowing if you would be able to keep them, which is a form of lying
  7. Because I do not trust you
  8. Because I am happy
  9. Because you bring me nothing but pain
  10. Because I do not have a messiah complex anymore
  11. Because you never once took my hand on a busy street, out of the hundreds of times we walked along busy streets
  12. Because you did not know what you want
  13. Because you are rather theatrical in bed
  14. Because you never got me presents
  15. Because you scared my dog
  16. Because I do not believe in your ambitions
  17. Because I never forgave you for that one time
  18. Because you took me for granted
  19. Because you never wrote me love poems or letters
  20. Because you never once played the violin for me no matter how many times I asked
  21. Because you talked so much of places you wanted to take me but you never actually planned it, never cleared your schedule, never bought tickets
  22. Because you fed me on empty dreams and promises
  23. Because I am tired of your face

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